About Us

Corporate History:  The founders built upon previous experience while with the Boston Internet Group, Inc. , a full service web consultancy that specialized in building large e-commerce web sites and custom event registration systems for companies such as Fidelity, the World Trade Center, Resource Plus, ShoeSuperStore.Com, CuSeeMeWorld.Com and Staples.Com.  LendersLogic was spun off from the Boston Internet Group to partner with leading mortgage banks. LendersLogic was built  to meet the diverse needs of our partners by providing a flexible, scalable, cost effective web-based solution for consumer direct origination.  LendersLogic is  a licensed Freddie Mac Technology vendor.   Mortgage Technology Magazine has presented LendersLogic their “Rising Tech Star ” award.

Why Banks Need LendersLogic:  The mortgage industry has fundamentally changed.   Originators today are looking for improved ways to attract the Internet shopper, automate the origination process and reduce costs.  With 99% of first time home buyers from the generation that grew up on the Internet, bankers know they will have to have a smart on-line presence to attract them.  Research also shows that banks today understand they need to provide  a good online customer service experience to mortgage borrowers.  The LendersLogic consumer direct online mortgage loan decisioning solution provides a solution to those challenges.  With the LendersLogic offer of “Instant Online Approval,” banks are able to reach their objective of using the web to “Attract, Engage, Capture” mortgage borrowers.

Mortgage Application Software for Mortgage Banks

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Proven Results: LendersLogic is used by banks, credit unions and mortgage companies, and it works hard for its customers.  Statistics show LendersLogic clients have recorded nearly $1 billion in mortgage applications.

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