Our Customers

LendersLogic Mortgage Application Software is used by leading

mortgage originators to strengthen their Internet sales channel

“In our first month using LendersLogic™ we had nearly 50 applications submitted. This proves to us that consumers want to apply for a mortgage in the comfort and privacy of their own home or office. We believe offering instant online approval matches the culture of the web. When someone takes the step to apply for a loan online, they want a fast response. We can do this with LendersLogic™. And with LendersLogic™ we can offer the same web sites to our partners as well.” — Carrie Strube, vice president of the Credit Union Mortgage Exchange.

dreamstime_6769232modRetail Lenders

LendersLogic™ is used by banks, credit unions and mortgage companies. We supply our clients with the technology they need to offer borrowers the opportunity to apply online and receive an instant online underwriting assessment. Our customers then concentrate on marketing and promotion to drive new borrowers to their web sites.


Banks deploy LendersLogic™ strategically by setting up an account for the banks mortgage web site and then providing a private labeled storefront interface to each of their subsidiaries. For example, LendersLogic™ enables the bank to provide retail mortgage subsidiaries an instant online mortgage approval solution that features the subsidiary’s logo and contact information. However, all rates, costs and sales management can be done from one central office.

Credit Unions

Credits Unions of all sizes use LendersLogic™ to provide their membership with a safe and secure way to apply for a mortgage online. Credit Unions find LendersLogic™ surprisingly affordable. They chose from a range of account programs tailored to meet the Credit Union business model. LendersLogic™ has proven the perfect addition to Credit Union online banking and other online services. LendersLogic is also uniquely suited for the Credit Union Service Organization.

Mortgage Companies

Mortgage companies with offices in multiple states use LendersLogic™ to provide a customized web application interface for each state office. Clients publish rates on a national basis while each state office has its own private labeled loan application with the appropriate contact information and disclosures. Clients publish closing costs on a state level. Office sales managers have access to their own sales administrative area while a national sales manager can view online loan activity for all offices.

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