LendersLogic Announces Migration Program for MGIC’s Discontinued eMagic Mortgage Application Software

Boston — June 6, 2012 — LendersLogic, Inc.  today announced a special migration program to assist banks, credit unions and mortgage companies seeking to replace  the eMagic  mortgage application software  following notice last month that eMagic would be shutting down operations.

MGIC, the parent company, on May 17th   informed customers about the discontinuance of the eMagic mortgage application software and the Myers Internet Real Estate Website platform on September 1st.   For banks and credit unions requiring a consumer direct web site solution, the LendersLogic solution will have special appeal.

MGIC informed their customers on the eMagic web site  that, “All Myers services you use today will continue to be available until Sept. 1, 2012. Please use the time between now and then to transition to a new platform for services that will no longer be provided.”

For eMagic and Myers clients seeking a new solution,  the LendersLogic mortgage application software can be private labeled, customized and up and running in a matter of days, not months.  This means that eMagic clients can upgrade to LendersLogic consumer direct right away.

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“Consumer direct mortgage loan origination is our only business,” said Wayne H. Howe,  LendersLogic President.  “Let us partner with you to make your web presence a success and take the worry out compliance and other stress points concerning your online mortgage application. Affordable, flexible and powerful, LendersLogic is used by banks and credit unions all across the country.   We are putting together a special program  to assist  eMagic customers in getting a new mortgage application up and running.”

Mortgage Application Software Instant Online Approval

Make a Decision with LendersLogic


  • Create a safe and secure account on your customized and branded interface
  • Check rates, closing costs and calculate monthly payments
  • Obtain context sensitive help on every question to create an error free application
  • Receive an immediate approval, print out a personalized approval letter, review an accurate GFE and print out electronic disclosures

The private branded LendersLogic  application changes for each borrower, automatically adding questions or removing unnecessary items based on the borrowers answers.  Unlike static forms or PDF files, the LendersLogic application adjusts automatically to the borrower.  This helps the borrower speed through to completion providing a satisfying user experience that offers no road blocks and requires no heavy lifting.

LendersLogic is an affordable, easy to use solution that can be set up in only a couple of days.  Offered as a web service, LendersLogic requires no IT department involvement.  There is no software to install or hardware to maintain.  An bank’s mortgage application is customized with the bank’s  logo and color schemes.  Adding custom questions to match the way the bank does business is a snap.  Surprisingly, getting started is as easy as adding a new “Apply Now” button to your web site.

About LendersLogic

LendersLogic was built  to meet the diverse needs of our partners by providing a flexible, scalable, cost effective web-based solution for consumer direct origination.  LendersLogic is  a licensed Freddie Mac Technology vendor.   Mortgage Technology Magazine has presented LendersLogic their “Rising Tech Star ” award.

The new LendersLogic MGIC eMagic Migration program is available now.  For details please visit our web site at LendersLogic.Net or contact us:

LendersLogic e-Mail

40 Warren Street

Boston, MA 02129


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