Wayne H. Howe, President and CEO

“The LendersLogic™  mortgage application software  solution was designed in partnership with major mortgage lenders seeking a flexible and robust solution to strengthen their Internet Sales Channel.  The technology drives revenue.  LendersLogic was founded by Wayne H. Howe, former president and CEO of the Boston Internet Group, an award winning full-service consultancy.  Howe is currently a member of the Freddie Mac Vendor Technology Advisory Board.  He may be reached by calling 800.388.3898.

Chris Amaru, CTO

Chris Amaru is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for LendersLogic.Amaru’s area of responsibility includes implementing the technological vision of the company and managing the day to day maintenance and upgrades to the LendersLogic solution.  Mr. Amaru designed and developed the FormLogic engine that is the core technology behind the LendersLogic solution. His hands on leadership of the talented development team took the two year project from concept to production. Mr. Amaru’s 19-year technological background includes extensive experience in developing financial systems in an Oracle DB environment for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For nearly a decade Mr. Amaru managed an award-winning, computer testing lab and staff of analysts.

LendersLogic 40 Warren Street Boston MA 02129


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