Mortgage Application Software Eases Complexities of Online Origination

mortgage application software removes regulatory compliance stress

LendersLogic ™ cures the stress points for originators …

1. Website gets eyeballs, but few sales:

Most lenders drive consumer traffic to their website but fail to convert them
into borrowers. They pay for the click, but get nothing in return.
Research proves that 90% of potential borrowers abandon conventional
online mortgage forms, after getting frustrated with the bank’s website.

“More applications were completed and submitted in our
first month with LendersLogic, than in the previous two years with our old online application,”  — Coastway Community Bank

LendersLogic changes that paradigm, delivering five times more completed
applications — a 500% increase on even the most popular online mortgage
decision tool.

LendersLogic makes applying for a mortgage easy, enhancing the online consumer experience, instead of ruining it with unnecessary complexities:

  • A Patent-pending mortgage-application-software business process drives the information and decision
    engines. However, it simply integrates into existing websites to post
    mortgage interest rates, loan programs and an online loan application.

Mortgage software wins Mortgage Technology Magazine Rising Tech Star Award

  • With front-end simplicity, back-end reliability, it encourages borrowers
    to complete and submit mortgage applications, while capturing the minimal information required for a loan decision.
  • LendersLogic provides a consumer-direct, point-of-sale decision engine, including an instant credit review, an Agency underwritten approval, and compliance documents, (FreddieMac).
  • Documentation avoids misunderstandings, consumer complaints;
    provides instant customer satisfaction.

2. Regulatory reform increases personnel costs:

With loan officers now earning a salary plus commission, it is imperative to maintain an efficient work environment. Why pay loan originators overtime, when affordable technology makes them more productive?

  • Instead, enhance the role of loan originators; keep them focused on high-value, high reward functions, available to build relationships,
    analyze data, and develop financial alternatives to benefit their clients.

3. Narrowly focused, single module:

LendersLogic does not pretend to be a “mega system” that forces a lender
to change its business model. A simple “apply now” button is the only
item required to direct consumers seamlessly to the LenderLogic portal.
Borrower information integrates with virtually any origination platform.

The Solution:
LendersLogic is affordable, compliant and robust, delivering the full
potential of pay-per-click, SEO and traditional marketing campaigns,
while taking sales and productivity to a higher level of performance. Why not give LendersLogic a try?

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