Smart Application

For originators not yet ready for LendersLogic Consumer Direct with instant online pre-approval,  the LendersLogic Smart Application provides the opportunity to strengthen the Internet origination channel with a safe and secure online mortgage application  and also provide an improved online experience for the borrower.  LendersLogic Smart Mortgage Application

Your LendersLogic Smart Application will provide powerful new features:

  • Self adjusting, award winning, smart application to speed applicants through to completion in four screens and 8 minutes.
  • Superior user experience that allows borrower to quickly complete an application in a wizard like presentation with context sensitive help on every question
  • E-mail alerts for submitted applications and a back-office sales management area to make it easy to manage the application pipeline
  • A private-labeled interface that matches the originator’s  corporate web site
  • Ability to add custom questions, fields and drop down boxes to meet business requirements
  • Unlimited loan officer sites
  • Industry standard FNMA v3.2 data export to all major loan origination systems
  • Safe and secure solution that exceeds government standards for consumer data protection
  • Powerful new Anti-Phishing, multi-level authentication with enhanced password/pass phrase management for complete data security
  • Data encryption of senistive consumer information
  • No rates or closing costs to edit
  • Fast and easy set up allows originators to start taking applications right away.

LendersLogic provides online mortgage point-of-sale technology to banks and credit unions.   Lenders use the platform to automate the mortgage point-of-sale channel. The platform’s smart mortgage application guides users in a wizard-like questioning methodology.  Borrowers  and loan officers can complete a mortgage application in as little as 10 minutes.   

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